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There's always those things that we put off for months and then months turn to years. This is one of them. I love writing. And I have a lot of words--I'm an English teacher which makes it an occupational hazard. I thought about this, and prayed about this, for good long year before I actually did it. I analyzed my motivations, my  reasons, and my availability (I am, after all, a full time working mama of three). I just want to write. To document my stories believing that maybe someone will find this humble blog in the vast sea of blogs and know she is not alone, that there is company in the journey of working and motherhood and living. And no one was meant to do it alone, but rather we were created to do life in community. So maybe you'd like to be part of my community...

I have been married to a wonderful man for 13 years. We have a dog, Jaeger, and three amazingly beautiful little girls: Addison, Ryleigh, and Kadence. I feel sometimes like I live in a zoo, only with people instead of animals. I'm sure some of you can relate. I also teach high school English. And I love it. Some women are called to be stay at home mamas and I admire them so much. Me, I'm pretty sure that God neglected to give me that particular gene in my DNA strands. I love my kids, but I need to teach. And I feel like my teaching outlet allows me to be a better mom.

Which is kind of where this whole blog idea started.

I have a lot of stories. There are just things that happen on an almost daily basis that move me, crack me up, or tick me off. I also learn a lot of lessons because being a mama is hard work. And because I have a 10 year old and 6 year old twins and most of the time feel completely ill-equipped (read: was God positively sure when he gave me three girls???) to raise my girls to be Christ followers without going completely nuts myself, I thought this might be a good outlet.

There are many days when I feel like I have failed as a mom, as a wife, as a Christ follower; when I have missed the mark, made a metaphorical mess, and mauled my blessings. So here is my humble attempt to sort out living the life that Jesus has called me to live, the way He has called me to live it, remembering that grace always rises and mercy always wins.

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  1. LOVE your blog:) Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us:)