Sunday, May 18, 2014

Snow Monsters and Dragons and Holes...Oh My!!

It was bedtime.

And what I’m discovering is that bedtime is prime time for theological discussions.

I know.

And what’s crazier is that they never begin as theological discussions. But that’s where the road bends and twists so that’s where I go. 

Because who can predict the course of a twisty, bendy, divine road? Who can plan where that road ends up? And how can I say no when there are little hearts with quirky questions that really matter?

The conversation topic starter: Screaming.

Why screaming?

Because there was an element of timing that needed to be reviewed in our house.

Specifically when to scream—as in appropriate times—because they are super awesome at knowing the inappropriate times…like when there’s a bug on a wall or she took a book from me or A won’t let me have that or I can’t find my shoe or my blanket is lost or my bed is messy. You get the idea.

So in our review I mention that appropriate times might be when you fall and break something or when strangers try to touch you or when you are outside and see a bear.

And then K says, “Or when bad guys have the holes.” And her fingers are fluttering poking holes in the air.

No joke. Holes.


“Holes?” I ask. Yes, I am just as flummoxed as you.

“Holes,” R says. Matter of factly. Like we all know about ‘holes.’ “Bad guys take their finger and poke a hole.”

“And then they put stuff in the hole,” finishes K with a finger gesture like she’s stuffing something into a hole.

I’m seriously wondering what holes are. I'm also seriously wondering how K knew exactly what R was talking about, like they've had this conversation before, and finished her sentence.

But before I can question them further on the mystery of holes and the stuffing of them, R continues: “And then it's okay to scream.”

“Or we can scream when the dragons come to bite us,” says K conspiratorially.

Holes and now dragons?

Who are these little people?

And seriously, in a household where their TV exposure is limited to Disney Jr and animated movies, they have knowledge about holes and dragons that has been imparted by a mysterious, and powerful, force.
And how did my little pep talk about screaming get derailed so quickly?

Apparently, I am just along for the ride.

“Or when the snow-monsters come and eat us, then we can scream,” whispers R.

Snow-monsters? I can chalk that one up to Frozen. Still baffled by dragons and holes.

So I decide to speak up.

“Well, no monsters or dragons will be eating you. I’m pretty sure you’re safe,” I whisper back. “Do you know why I know you’re safe?”

“Because the dragons are at their house,” K says like everyone knows this. And if dragons are at their house, then they can’t be at our house. Duh.

“Yes. Do you know why else?” I respond trying to stay the course on a very curvy, unpredictable road while I settle in for the long haul.

“Because the monsters aren’t really here.”

I sigh deep.

Deep breathing is desperately needed when your little people are clinging to dragons and holes and snow monsters and you’re trying to show them the road to Jesus. So they can cling to Truth.

Deep breathing is probably needed regardless.

But I know in my heart that this discussion is about so much more than dragons and I can’t get derailed.

So I persist in the middle of all this fertile soil and all this crazy blossoming of imagination.
“Yes. And do you know why else?”

“Ummm…no.” What? Nothing? Speechless.

In the whole history of R and K, speechless has never happened. Never.

Now’s my moment.

And when it's your moment, you gotta go for it. No fear. No second thoughts. No hesitation. Because that moment-- that moment --might be all you have. And it lasts for a nanosecond. If you blink, if you breathe, you miss it. 

I can't miss it. 

I dive right in. Gloriously. No holds barred. I dive deep.

“Because Jesus is always with you and He is always protecting you. Always.”

“Because He has long hair?” asks K.

And just that quick my glorious dive halts. And I surface.
On the inside.

“Well, He might have long hair, but that’s not why He’s always with you.”

They ponder that for a moment. A brief moment.

And then R blurts out, “Well, where’s God?”

“Well,” I start, “God and Jesus are kind of the same,” I decided that the Holy Spirit could maybe wait for another discussion as we had enough on our plate what with all the dragons and snow monsters and holes and now Jesus and God. So I continued, “So if you talk to one, you also talk to the other one.” Sortof.

Four year old theology is tough. And I’ve had a lot of these theology discussions.

“Well, Jesus died,” says K.

“And He rose from the dead so He’s not dead anymore,” I reply.

“He sits on my shoulder. Right here,” and K lifts her hand and pats her shoulder fondly.

“Well, actually He lives right here, in your heart,” I reply as I touch her chest right over her heart.

She looks at me for a moment. “A boy lives in my heart,” K squeals and squishes her nose and R does the same. Because you know, that’s funny when you’re a girl and there’s a boy living in your heart. It's probably also funny when you're a boy and there's a boy living in your heart, but alas, I have no boys, so I won't have to have that conversation. 

“Yep. He does.”

“Mama, Jesus is a good guy,” K whispers now, snuggling deep into her soft, purply covers.  R nods in agreement, having by this time, bowed out of the conversation in favor of sucking her thumb and rubbing her silky, her eyes growing heavy. 

“Yes, K, He is. The best.”

And when we believe that Jesus is the best good guy, we can sleep easy and rest deeply because He’s right there with us, in our hearts. We can cling to the Truth because we can abide in the Truth.
And we’re right there, in His heart.
And that’s the very best place to be.

Grace Always Rises,


  1. So cute! I've had a few of these random, funny, divine conversations as well. I love their imaginations!

  2. Hmmm. I am perplexed also. I probably would have laughed too hard to stay the course. They have told me many times that they are never alone 'cause Jesus is in their heart. Good job.