Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Beautiful Day: Autumn Mug Swap

My good friend Jessica over at Dreaming of Dimples hosted a mug swap a few weeks ago. We shared our information with her and she graciously paired us up with a new friend.
It's a little like Christmas in November! I love Christmas in November!
I'm pretty sure that the Lord had His hand on Jessica when she paired us up.
It's not often that you feel a kindred spirit in a heart you've never met, in a place you've never been. Ashley at Expecting Miracles is a kindred spirit. I don't often feel like I have met and made a heart-friend when I've never actually met fact I'm pretty sure that has happened--never.
But I deeply admire Ashley's walk with God, her story of adoption, her spirit of encouragement,
and her bold honesty. And I really love that I have a new friend.
I believe that God creates divine appointments with people, in places, at times that
you just can't get around. And they are the kind of spots and spaces that
become sacred and hallowed and blessed. And you can't get around that either.
And it doesn't matter if she lives in Arkansas and I live in California because the One God
who made us, who found us, who leads us, intertwined my road with hers
as we walk on our twisty, turny little paths to be more like Him.
People like Ashley, moments like these make my soul thankful for turny, twisty little paths,
because so often the twists and turns are hard and long and lonely.
It's about community and friendship and a friend on the journey.
It's about encouragement and blessing and the Cross.
It's about so much more than the mug.

Although, Ashley's mug is awesome.
 It's perfect.
And she may have read my mind because there was chocolate...the dark my box.
My tastebuds are singing!
 Take a peek-
(forgive my's not my forte and my kids were dancing around and singing and trying to grab everything and I was trying to make dinner and answer no fewer than a bazillion questions
and you mamas know how that this was my best shot!)

 Thanks for making my day beautiful Ashley!

Grace Always Rises,


  1. You are so sweet! So thankful for my new friend!